Edge Case

Edge-caseWhile the tiles are installing it is very essential to maintain the proper line up, so that tiles are installed along a straight line. As a result metal edging is used for first row line up. You can start your installation work from the middle row of your work. Even your designer may choose bottom section of your wall to start installation of tiles. Whatever the place you choose to start installation, edging profile will help you to keep your installation line even and straight.

Most commonly an edge case is used for tile installation job that ensure us straight installation. The edge case from Orego Metal Co is placed through a straight line, and secured on to the surface before installation. After placing the edge case properly, the tile installation starts into the edge case. It helps to prevent the movement of the installed row when subsequent rows are added.

The edge case of Orego Metal Co will maintain the edging profiles easily throughout the room. We first need to measure the floor or ceiling where we are going to install the tiles and then a level line is marked around the entire room where the tiles are going to be installed. After that, metal edge case is installed in the appropriate place and you need to check twice each time while you are proceeding for the next row tile installation. If you continue this method throughout the entire project, you will find that all the rows are meeting correctly maintaining a straight and even line in the corner. Generally, for maximum installations process we use metal edging on either sides of a row, and in some cases at the bottom, but for the top we use usually bathroom tile trims.

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