Aluminium Tile Trims

Aluminum-tile-trimsAluminum Tile trims for flooring by Orego Metal Co. is essential protector to us as it helps to protect our tiles’ edge. The edge of the tiles may be cracked or chipped due to pressure. Intense pressure may separate the tiles into part from the walls. However, the tile trims from Orego Metal Co acts as a safeguard to the tiles. The tiled floors with tile trim is waterproof and provide an ample variety of selections from   gold, anodized bright, chrome to matt effects with various length to meet the customer’s requirements for its widespread applications.

You can give your floor an extra ordinary look by using the concept of tile trims. If there is a difference in height between the tiled floor and rest portion of it, Tile trims are very useful. It is very interesting to know that the trims act as a transition layer between carpet and the tiles on the wooden floor. Aluminum Tile trims from Orego Metal Co. not only offer an aesthetic look and professional finish, but also provide no vacant spaces at the edges and ensures that dust could not be accumulated there.

Aluminum Tile trims from Orego Metal Co. is either round or straight and the materials used for it are of superb quality. In addition to aesthetic outlook, Round edge tile trim offers both covering up and protective features. It protects tiles against any kind of damage, abrasion and breaking and cover up defects between tile surfaces. You can modify the interior outlook of kitchen counter, external corners, girder extensions and skirting boards with Round Edge Aluminum Tile trims profiles from Orego Metal Co. Straight edge tile trim from Orego Metal Co. provides protection against any kind of damage along with its artistic look. It is very useful to cover up defects between the door and end point of the tiles and you can use it as transition between numerous flooring applications.

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