Edging Profiles

Metal Edging is very useful for initiating Tile Work. When someone is going to first row line up, metal edging will make installation process easier and Keeps the tiles straight....

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Edge Case

While the tiles are installing it is very essential to maintain the proper line up, so that tiles are installed along a straight line. As a result metal edging is used for first row...

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Aluminium Edging

Metal tile edging helps to keep the installation job in straight line. Installation of tiles into a room will help to make your house eye catching and touchier to your guests. It...

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Bathroom Tile Trims

During the process of installation if we use metal trims, it will help us to start the project with a straight line profile. For home, metal edging is generally used for bathroom...

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Metal Edging

The use of tile trims has increased over the past few years as newer and better varieties of aluminium tile trims are introduced into the market. Aluminium tile trims can add elegance to the tiles and can offer protection to them and prevent them from chipping and from damage. Orego Metal Co. is a pioneer in manufacturing aluminium products and they have manufactured numerous typed of aluminium tile trims that are of very high quality and finish. As more varieties are available, the options that are available to designers has increased and we are able to see new and innovative designs made using aluminum tile trims. Orego Metal Co. have increased the bar when it comes to aluminum tile trims and have brought about a revolution in tile trims in the market.

Tiles are used extensively in bathrooms, as they are durable and are not affected by excess moisture that can be found in bathrooms. Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain, especially if the water used is not hard. Orego Metal Co. has introduced bathroom tile trims that are of very high quality and durability and this has allowed bathroom designers to use them as a safety and décor element in bathrooms. The tiles are durable, however, the edges of tiles are said to be very vulnerable to heavy impact. Using bathroom tiles to cover the edges of bathroom tiles is a popular option nowadays. Orego Metal Co. manufactures bathroom tile trims of varying designs and colors to suit any type of bathroom design that is used.

As discussed, the edges of tiles are often the most vulnerable area of any tiled structure. The edges of the tiles are bound to be sharp and it can cause injury to people who are exposed to them. By using edging profiles, the sharp edges can be rounded off to provide safety and durability to the tile edges. Orego Metal Co. has been in the business of manufacturing aluminium products for many years and they have used the latest technology to manufacture aluminium edging profiles that are of extreme high quality. Orego Metal Co. gives a lot of importance to the finish of their products and this is an added advantage to using edging profiles, as it will add to the beauty of the tiled structure.

The use of edging profiles has changes the way aluminium is used in bathrooms. Aluminium has always been a preferred metal to be used in high humid areas, as they do not rust. When you combine the non-rust feature of aluminum with great designing like those done by Orego Metal Co., you get some great aluminium edging profiles available to you. Aluminium edging profiles are ideal for bathrooms, as they will keep the tiles intact while providing a new décor element to the design of eh bathroom. Orego Metal Co. manufactures a variety of aluminium edging products that can be used along with most types of tiles that are now available in the market.

Installing tiles in a straight line is always a challenge and to help tile installers get a perfect straight line metal edging is used. The use of edge case in such situations is common and before the tile installation is started, the edge case is secured to the floor or the wall. This will provide the tile installers with a reference while installing the tiles. Orego Metal Co. manufactures edge case that are of very high precision to ensure that the tiles are perfectly aligned. Though the use of edge case is more to help in installation, the quality of the product has to be good. Orego Metal Co. ensures that only high quality aluminum edge case are manufactured by them to achieve the results that the tile installers are looking for.

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